What others say about us

"Lewallen Insurance always went the extra mile to answer questions and resolve issues. I highly recommend Diana Lewallen. I wouldn't want any other agent taking care of my insurance business. "
-- Caron Garliepp, Taco Bell Accounting

"Diana Lewallen has been instrumental in maintaining my insurance health, She's honest, resourceful, extremely intelligent and completely reliable, I highly recommend her. She's the best!"
-- Gayle Lynds, Author Masquerade

"Being self employed - I am aware of the numerous choices available. Diana was able to make the process run extremely smoothly. I am very pleased with the service provided and will most certainly recommend Diana to people in the future."
-- Jason L., Santa Barbara Real Estate

"Diana Lewellan at State Street Insurance has been top notch. This year I've had a few unfortunate surgeries. I used Cottage who is in-network with my provider, Blue Shield, but the anesthesiologist was out of network. Diana offered to file an appeal on my behalf, took care of everything and it was paid in full. She actually ended up doing this for three different situations. It was a service that i didn't ask for, she just offered. Both she and Stephanie at her office are always pleasant, thorough and know what they are doing. Every time there is a price increase they evaluate our policy to be sure we're still with the right carrier for our needs. I couldn't be more satisfied."
-- Comment posted on www.edhat.com 1/10/13

" Diana Lewallen Higgins and Stephanie Ruby Reussner of State Street Insurance Solutions have been my agents for a decade, and I am very pleased with them. I have been off work for the past six months because of an injury, and for the first time I have learned to navigate the incredibly depressing world of medical insurance coverage. Without their help, and numerous phone calls on my behalf, it would have been much more difficult. Before this I considered them just clever gals who could figure out which were the best policies for my business, but now I see them as compassionate people who really go to the extra effort when mistakes are made. And they will be made. Premiums are slated to go up 22%+ this year for less coverage, and no mere mortal could possibly navigate the exclusions and limits ..... my vote is for giving a small local office your business, so that when you need their help with a claim you are talking to real people, who remember you and your situation."
-- Comment posted on www.edhat.com 1/10/13

"Diana Lewallen really helped me. If you need medical services on a regular basis, consider a buy-up plan if it's available - you pay more up front but end up saving more in the end (lower co-pays, lower ER co-pays, by-mail pharmacy)."
-- Comment posted on www.edhat.com 1/9/13

"Yet another vote for Diana Lewallen Higgins at State Street Insurance Solutions in Victoria Court. (966-4040) and her employee Stephanie Ruby Reussner. Diana has worked with me for several years to find the best choices for me and my business employee, and when I needed a lot of help this year with a major surgery and subsequent claims Stephanie has been wonderful. As a business owner I pay my employee's premiums, I consider insurance a vital part of the compensation package that EVERY business ought to provide."
-- Comment posted on www.edhat.com 12/12/2012

"A fourth for Diana Lewallen at State Street Insurance Solutions in Victoria Court. She worked with me to find the best affordable insurance for a self-employed person."
-- Comment posted on www.edhat.com 12/12/2012

"I second Diana Lewallen--when I could not get coverage, she took the time and effort to get me on assigned risk. It was quite a task and there was NO benefit to her. She's great!"
-- Comment posted on www.edhat.com 12/1/12

"I needed private insurance and had a number of pre-existing conditions. Back in the days when they could turn you down, Diana worked really hard to find me good solid affordable coverage. AND followed up afterward to review my situation to make sure I had the best affordable coverage when laws changed or my health status changed. I cannot speak highly enough of her, have referred friends to her with great results, and would certainly contact her if I ever need insurance assistance. Diana is so personable and easy to work with, which is so refreshing and important when dealing with such a major decision."
-- Comment posted on www.edhat.com 12/1/12

"I highly recommend that you get guidance from a professional. I mean, < really > what human could possibly understand how all of this works except to know you HOPE it is money that you are just throwing away and will never need to call upon. The REAL disappointment will be when you try to make a claim and all this money turns out to have been a big waste because they deny your claim.

That said, I trust the opinions of the extremely well informed Diana Lewallen Higgins at State Street Insurance Solutions. I am a small business owner and have had my medical insurance for myself and one employee through her for several years. And weirdly enough I pay the premiums for both of us, because I value my employee's health and don't want either of us to lose our houses should something catastrophic happen. I happen to think employers SHOULD pay the premiums for their employees, but hey, that's just me."
-- Comment posted on www.edhat.com 1/29/12

"Diana Lewallen (Lewallen Insurance Solutions gets the highest recommendation. I was uninsurable and she worked hart to get me into the state "high-risk" plan – then, later, she walked me through Medicare's maze. So far I have been of NO benefit to her, but she has benefitted me immeasurably! She is smart and reputable!"
-- Comment posted on www.edhat.com 3/29/11